Ministry of Higher Education of the Maldives has opened 200 scholarship opportunities for Chartered Professional Accountants

Ministry of Higher Education has announced 200 scholarships for Professional Accounting Courses in the Maldives.


This program offers opportunities for individuals seeking certification in ACCA Skill level, ACCA Professional level, CIMA Management level, and CIMA Strategic Level.

This scholarship offers a total of 200 scholarships, with 150 slots allocated for individuals from the private sector and 50 slots reserved for those from the public sector. The scholarships are comprehensive, covering the Registration fee, Annual Subscription fee, Exemption fee, Exam Fee, Application fee, Membership fee (if the course is completed within 2 years) Book allowance, and Tuition fee (for local colleges only). The is an excellent opportunity for individuals to advance their careers and attain recognized credentials within the field of accounting.


The Ministry of Higher Education and the Institute of Chartered Accountants of the Maldives are dedicated to fostering the growth and development of the country’s financial and economic sector. This scholarship program is a testament to the commitment and a reflection of the efforts to invest in the future. We thank the Government and the Ministry of Higher Education for providing scholarships and continuous assistance in promoting the accounting profession in the Maldives.


All eligible applicants are highly encouraged to apply promptly via the portal of Ministry of Higher Education.


Deadline for the application of scholarship is 26th February 2023.

Portal Link: