To efficiently manage its operations and meet the diverse needs of members and stakeholders, CA Maldives is structured into 9 committees, 6 of which are statutory committees and 3 are committees are dedicated to the development of the Institute. These committees are essential pillars supporting the institute’s overarching mission and objectives.

Advises the Council on matters relating to finance and managing finance of the Institute

Hassan MohamedChairperson
Asma AhmedVice-chairperson

Approves courses requiring recognition by the Institute and to facilitate the issuance of academic certificates awarded by the Institute.

Advises recommendations to the Council on appropriate courses of actions to be taken against members in respect of cases investigated by the Institute on its own initiative or the cases investigated by the Institute on  the receipt of a complaint against a member from another member regarding alleged violation of the Act, Regulations made under the Act, and the Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics.

Ibrahim AimanChairperson
Fathimath Shiuma
Fathimath ShiumaVice-chairperson

Addresses the technical issues relating to the enforcement of the Act and determine and enforce Private Sector Accounting and Auditing Standards

Determines the eligibility criteria for Membership of the Institute and to plan and carry out the process of issuing Licences for conducting Statutory Audit in the Maldives as well as to carry out any other work conducive to issuing such Licences.

Ahmed SalihChairperson
Hawwa SaaigaVice chairperson

Looks into the appeals lodged by members not satisfied with the decisions of the Council or Committee of the Institute.

Members Advisory Committee is formed with the mandate to discuss, deliberate and advise the Council on all matters of interest to the members from amongst the work of the Institute, including comments and feedback to new regulations, policies and procedures, etc. of the Institute

Tax & Public Policy Committee is formed with the mandate to discuss, review, and advise the Council on public policy related matters, including legislations and policies of the State on tax, public finances, business, etc. and ESG

Fareeha ShareefChairperson
Ahmed Ali
Ahmed AliVice chairperson
Ali Irufan

Valuation Committee is formed with the mandate to research, develop and advise the Council on valuation guidelines appropriate for valuation practices for financial reporting in the Maldives

Rifaath JaleelChairperson
Ali Faris MohamedVice chairperson