Continuing Professional Development (CPD) are activities engaged in by Chartered Accountants and others working in the accounting profession that are aimed at acquiring knowledge for the purpose of developing and upgrading their skills.

According to 4.6 of the Act, all the members must obtain CPD and be able to demonstrate that they have obtained CPD.

Members are required to:

Complete 40 hours of relevant CPD in a year comprising of 21 hours of verifiable CPD, of which at least 6 CPD hours must be obtained from event organized by the Institute or by other organizations in collaboration with the Institute.

Maintain records of both verifiable and non-verifiable CPD hours obtained and of the relevance of those units to their role. In the case of verifiable units, the records shall include proof that the member was involved in an acceptable CPD learning activity. As well as log their CPD activities in a manner prescribed by the Institute.

Before planning their CPD programs, members should refer to the detailed guidance issued by the Institute from time to time regarding subject areas and the types of CPD learning activity that will be acceptable.

The Admissions and Licensing Committee may waive, vary or suspend the CPD requirements of this regulation at any time to adapt them to an individual’s requirements as the Admissions and Licensing Committee, in its absolute discretion, thinks fit.